some dizzy whore, 1804
- Caitlin - 17 - UK - "I had read much. But I had not read all. I had read enough to understand the experience of others but not enough to trust them." Here you will find a variety of things. Some of them you may like. Others not. Life's tricky like that innit.
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*pulls out bread at wedding* i’d like to make a toast

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Ah yes
the majestic flapflaps…

Wait, are those breaching mantas?

no they are the majestic flapflaps


*someone who ive never met befores follow forever shows up on my dash* *im not on it* what the fuck

  • Me in 5th grade: I will never smoke or drink or do any drugs ever
  • Me now: I probably wouldn't do meth
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Chicago 'L'
March 2014